The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is a critical pathway for immigrants seeking to settle in BC, offering various categories for workers, entrepreneurs, and students. Each category has specific criteria and processes, including draws conducted to invite applicants to apply for provincial nominations. These draws are essential for understanding the BC PNP’s operation, providing a structured approach to selecting candidates best suited to the province’s economic and social needs.

Skills Immigration (SI)


  1. Skilled Worker: Targets individuals with significant work experience in a skilled profession.
  2. Healthcare Professional: For doctors, nurses, psychiatric nurses, and allied health professionals with offers of employment in BC.
  3. International Graduate: Open to recent graduates from Canadian universities or colleges.
  4. International Post-Graduate: For graduates with master’s or doctorate degrees in the natural, applied, or health sciences from a BC institution.
  5. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker: Focuses on workers in certain entry-level or semi-skilled positions in tourism/hospitality, food processing, or long-haul trucking.


Regular SI Draws invite candidates from these streams based on their registration scores, which reflect work experience, job offer, language ability, and other factors. Occasionally, targeted draws may focus on specific sectors or occupations, such as healthcare, to address immediate labor market needs.

Express Entry BC (EEBC)


  1. Skilled Worker: Similar to the SI Skilled Worker but for those in the Express Entry pool.
  2. Healthcare Professional: For individuals in healthcare professions in the Express Entry pool.
  3. International Graduate: Recent graduates in the Express Entry pool.
  4. International Post-Graduate: Targets graduates with advanced degrees in science disciplines from BC institutions in the Express Entry pool.


EEBC Draws select candidates from the federal Express Entry pool who meet BC’s criteria and have competitive Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores. These draws often happen alongside the SI draws and aim to fast-track immigration for skilled workers by leveraging the federal Express Entry system.

Tech Pilot


The Tech Pilot doesn’t have separate streams but pulls candidates from the existing SI and EEBC categories who have job offers in one of 29 designated technology occupations.


Tech Draws occur weekly and specifically target technology sector professionals, reflecting the critical demand for tech talent in BC’s economy. These draws prioritize candidates with tech job offers, aiming to streamline their path to permanent residency.

Entrepreneur Immigration


  1. Entrepreneur Stream: For experienced business owners or senior managers who want to establish a new business or take over an existing business in BC.
  2. Regional Pilot: Specifically designed for entrepreneurs planning to start a business in a smaller, regional community outside of BC’s larger cities.


Entrepreneur Draws invite candidates based on a points-based system evaluating their business concept, experience, and investment capacity. Special draws under the Regional Pilot focus on supporting economic development in BC’s smaller communities by attracting entrepreneurs willing to establish new businesses there.

Healthcare Professional Category

Within the Skills Immigration and EEBC streams, there’s a specific category for healthcare professionals. While these individuals can be invited in general SI and EEBC draws, BC PNP also conducts special draws targeting healthcare workers to fill critical shortages in the province’s healthcare system.

Construction Sector

The construction sector is a significant part of British Columbia’s economy, and there is a consistent demand for skilled workers in this field. While the BC PNP does not have a stream exclusively for construction workers, individuals working in construction may apply under the Skills Immigration or Express Entry BC categories, particularly under the Skilled Worker stream. These streams are designed for individuals who possess the skills, experience, and qualifications in occupations that are in high demand in the province, which often includes various roles within the construction sector.

For construction workers, demonstrating relevant experience, having a valid job offer from a BC employer, and meeting the other criteria such as language proficiency can improve their eligibility under these streams. Additionally, the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker stream can be applicable for certain positions within the construction industry that may not require high levels of formal education but are essential for the sector’s operation.

Veterinary Care

Similarly, the veterinary care sector is crucial for the province, especially given BC’s diverse agriculture and pet ownership. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians or technologists can explore their immigration options through the Skills Immigration – Healthcare Professional category, provided they have a job offer from a BC employer in their field.

Healthcare professionals, including those in veterinary care, are in demand in BC, and the province recognizes the importance of filling these roles with qualified individuals. While specific draws for veterinary care professionals are not regularly highlighted, candidates in this sector may be invited through regular SI and EEBC draws, particularly if their occupation is identified as in-demand or there’s a recognized shortage in the province.


Targeted Draws for Child Care Professionals: In response to the high demand for child care services and the significant role of child care professionals in supporting the province’s families and economy, BC PNP may conduct targeted draws specifically for NOC 4214 (Early Childhood Educators and Assistants). These draws aim to invite candidates who are directly involved in child care to apply for provincial nomination, thereby fast-tracking their immigration process.

The criteria for these targeted draws typically align with the broader Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC categories but give priority to those in the child care profession. Candidates must still meet the general requirements of the BC PNP, including having a valid job offer in BC, demonstrating sufficient work experience in child care, and meeting language and education requirements.

Specialized Draws

Occasionally, BC PNP may hold specialized draws targeting specific industries, regions, or occupations outside of the regular draw schedule. These draws are responsive to the evolving needs of BC’s economy and labor market.

Each type of draw within the BC PNP serves a unique purpose, aligning with the province’s strategic priorities to fill labor market gaps, support regional development, enhance the tech sector, and promote entrepreneurship. Understanding the nuances of these draws, including the eligibility requirements and selection criteria for each stream, is crucial for applicants aiming to navigate the BC PNP successfully. By strategically aligning their profiles and applications with the targeted draws and streams, candidates can enhance their prospects of receiving an invitation to apply for provincial nomination, a critical step towards permanent residency in Canada.

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