Samin Mortazavi, LLD*, DBA* is a North Vancouver-based Canadian immigration lawyer. He established Pax Law Corporation (“Pax Law”) in March 2019. Initially, he practiced family law, conveyancing, wills, and estates. In the past few years, he shifted his focus and is now practicing only administrative and immigration law. Samin has appealed thousands of rejected Canadian study permits, work permits, and temporary resident visas (tourist visas) with an 80%+ success rate – estimated – each case is decided on its merits, and this does not guarantee future success.

If you seek to move to Canada on your own or with your family and are confused about the process, unsure of how to start, or afraid that your application for a visa will be rejected, contact Samin at Pax law today for a consultation to learn about the best way to immigrate to Canada. * denotes candidacy.

Four Languages:

  • English (Fluent), Farsi (Native), Hungarian (Basic), and Arabic (Basic)

Office: +1-604-767-9529
Cell: +1-604-837-2646
Fax: +1-604-971-5152
Nikki Soltani

Twenty years of University-Level Education

  • 2023 – Doctor of Law candidate – Warsaw Management University
  • 2023 – Doctor of Business Administration candidate – Warsaw Management University
  • 2022 – National Family Law Arbitration Course
  • 2021 – Family Law Mediator Accreditation – Law Society of British Columbia
  • 2018 – Juris Doctor – Thompson Rivers University
  • 2017 – Certificate in European & International Economic Law – University of Augsburg
  • 2016 – Certificate in International Business Law – Bucerius School of Law
  • 2016 – Real Estate Associate Brokers License – University of British Columbia
  • 2013 – Brokers BP & FM – University of British Columbia
  • 2013 – Mortgage Brokerage in BC – University of British Columbia
  • 2012 – Real Estate Trading Services – University of British Columbia
  • 2010 – Master of Business Administration – Trinity Western University
  • 2009 – Bachelor of Science – Trinity Western University
  • 2008 – Bachelor of Business Administration – Trinity Western University
  • 2003 – Certificate in Science – McDaniel College International of Business

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