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Nikki Soltani

  • Office: (604) 767-9529
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  • Fax: (604) 971-5152
  • [email protected]
  • 233 – 1433 Lonsdale Avenue
    North Vancouver, BC V7M 2H9

SAMIN MORTAZAVI is a Canadian lawyer, accredited family law mediator, and the founder of Pax Law Corporation. Before becoming a lawyer, Samin received his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), participated in the UN’s Intellectual Property Law Program, attended the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, and the University of Augsburg’s School of Law in Augsburg near Munich, Germany to study International Business and Economic Law. While in law school, Samin was attending the California Southern University School of Business for his Doctorate Degree in Business Administration (DBA). He earned his Juris Doctor (JD) from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, and now is a practicing member of the Law Society of British Columbia.

Samin has a thorough and comprehensive understanding of several key areas of law, though his primary focuses are family, immigration, and real estate law. In family cases, Samin will care for you and your spouse, while prioritizing the best interests of the child; in immigration matters, he will protect your rights by ensuring that your application is reviewed carefully and any decision made is reasonable, correct, and has been given proper consideration; when it comes to real estate transactions, Samin will facilitate a smooth transferal.

Passionate about increasing access to justice, Samin is an active community member who is involved in several pro bono associations. He is a member of the Free Wills Network, Legal Aid BC, and the Canadian Bar mentoring program. Samin’s goal is make quality legal services available to the masses.

Other language(s):
Farsi (Persian)

Licenses & Professional Accreditation

  • Law Society of British Columbia
    • Barrister and Solicitor
    • Accredited Family Law Mediator
  • Real Estate Council of British Columbia
    • Trading Licence
    • Mortgage Brokerage Licence
    • Rental Property Management Licence
    • Broker’s Business Planning and Financial Management Licence
    • Strata Management Licence*

* Completion 2021

Pro-Bono & Community Services

  • a member of Access Pro Bono, offering free consultations as part of the Lawyer Referral Program;
  • a member of the Free Wills Network;
  • a member of the Free Wills Month offering wills-drafting and estate planning services to seniors in the Greater Vancouver Area free of charge – with the collaboration of some of the greatest charities;
  • an active member of the Canadian Bar Association mentoring program, helping to shape the minds of our future lawyers; and,
  • a member of the legal aid BC, Samin does his part in ensuring that those less fortunate members of our community have access to justice.

Education & Formal Training

  • Multicultural Family Justice – (Justice Institute of British Columbia) – March 2021
  • Effect of Separation and Divorce on Children (Justice Institute of British Columbia) – April 2021
  • Family Violence Impact on Separation and Divorce (Justice Institute of British Columbia) – February 2021
  • Mediated Agreements and Court Orders (Justice Institute of British Columbia) – December 2020
  • Introduction to Family Justice in Canada (Justice Institute of British Columbia) – February 2021
  • National Introductory Mediation Course (ADR Institute of British Columbia) – November 2020
  • Doctor of Business Administration* (California Southern University) – Pending Dissertation Defense
  • Juris Doctor (Thompson Rivers University)
  • Professional Legal Training Course (Law Society of British Columbia)
  • European and International Economic Law program (University of Augsburg)
  • International Business Law, (Bucerius Law School) in Hamburg, Germany’s number one Law School
  • Intellectual Property Law program (World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO), the United Nations (UN)
  • Master of Business Administration (Trinity Western University)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Trinity Western University)
  • Bachelor of Science (Trinity Western University)
  • Certificate of Pre-Medical Sciences (McDaniel College International)
  • Britannica International High School in Budapest, Hungary

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