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Pax Law Corporation (“Pax Law”) is a North Vancouver-based international law firm, specializing in refused Study Permit Judicial Reviews, refused Work Permit Judicial Reviews, refused Temporary Residence Visa Judicial Reviews, and Residential Real Estate Transfers.


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Commercial and Residential Transactions

based on past clients’ testimonials. Consistently, Pax Law has been nominated as a “highly recommended” North Vancouver law firm on Google Reviews, Alignable, Yelp, and Pax Law’s founder, Mr. Samin Mortazavi, is a well-known immigration lawyer and an accredited family law mediator. In 2020, Mr. Mortazavi appeared on CTV National evening news as a legal commentator in response to a downed passenger plane in the Middle East which resulted in almost two hundred fatalities. Mr. Mortazavi has also been featured in highly circulated newspapers, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Sun, The Winnipeg Free Press, The Canadian Press, The

Global News, The Hamilton Spectator, Head Topics Canada, and several other media outlets. Three Best Rated selected Pax Law associate, Mr. Lucas Pearce is nominated as one of the top three criminal defence lawyers in North Vancouver. At the time of writing this excerpt and to the best of our knowledge, Pax Law is the only firm in the Greater Vancouver Area that has a full-time Iranian Lawyer and member of the Iranian Central Bar with a Foreign Practitioner Permit from the Law Society of British Columbia.

The diverse and dedicated team of professionals at Pax Law offers a broad array of legal services, but specializes in refused Study Permit Judicial Reviews, refused Work Permit Judicial Reviews, refused Temporary Residence Visa Judicial Reviews, and residential real estate transfers.

Pax Law lawyers practice business law, civil litigation, criminal litigation, family and divorce law, real estate law, wills and estates law, immigration and refugees law, and offer Iranian consulate and legal services.

Pax Law’s mission is to provide its clients with sound legal advice, fierce advocacy, and exceptional representation outside as well as inside the Court. Pax Law lawyers and staff speak English, Farsi (Persian), French, Japanese, Russian, and Serbian.

Criminal Law

Are you a defendant in a criminal proceeding?

The costs of not having the best criminal defence can be life-altering. A good criminal defence lawyer understands the judicial system, has built relationships with the prosecutors and has experience with cases similar to yours. Your lawyer can protect your future, save you money, assess law enforcements’ conduct and advise you on possible outcomes.

Pax Law’s criminal law team under the supervision of Lucas Pearce, Barrister and Solicitor represent defendants facing criminal charges at all levels of Court. Our Associate, Lucas Pearce, is one of the top-rated criminal lawyers in North Vancouver (according to Three Best Rated), and our team has extensive experience working on a variety of complex cases. Together with client input, we build a strong legal defence, enter into negotiations with the prosecution, and advocate for clients at trial should the case necessitate it.

Three Best Rated selected Pax Law associate, Mr. Lucas Pearce, is one of the top three criminal defence lawyers in North Vancouver. Prior to working at Pax Law, Mr. Pearce was working at the Crown Counsel’s Office in Downtown Vancouver and then with Richard Fowler, Q.C. at Fowler and Blok Criminal Defence Lawyers.

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Immigration and Refugees Law

Do you plan to come to Canada as a student, worker, or immigrant?

Filling in the applications on government websites and compiling all the necessary documentation can be confusing, even in the simplest cases. An immigration lawyer can eliminate much of the stress associated with immigration, advise you on the best strategy, verify that all of the forms and documentation are prepared correctly, handle complex cases involving criminal or medical inadmissibility, and fix refused applications.

Specialized in Judicial Review of refused study permit applications and temporary resident visas with thousands of overturned decisions.

At Pax Law, we understand how overwhelming the immigration process can be, which is why we at Pax Law promise to be with you every step of the way. We offer services that address all aspects of Canadian immigration, from the initial assessment and consultation, completion and processing of the application, to appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division on refusals, as well as judicial reviews of government decisions at the Federal Court of Canada. Our team of immigration lawyers and regulated immigration consultants are aware of the frequency with which visa officers unjustly refuse a Canadian Study Permit, and we are equipped to respond accordingly.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transfers

Are you buying, Selling, or Refinancing a property?

A real estate attorney is there to protect your interests so you can successfully close your deal. Your lawyer can research the building or existing owners and check for liens, debts, and other possible issues. For commercial properties, they know the zoning laws and can review your development or renovation options to prevent surprises.

We have successfully completed over 1,000 residential and commercial property title transfers.

We prepare and review legal documents relating to real estate, negotiate the terms and conditions of the transactions, and facilitate the transfer of titles. All our real estate lawyers are equipped with excellent negotiation and analytical skills; they are organized, professional, and well-informed.

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Corporate and Commercial Law

Do you plan to establish a Canadian Corporation?

Is your primary interest liability protection, or do you need to be positioned to attract investors? A corporate lawyer can provide guidance in choosing the right structure for your business, for personal liability protection, tax benefits, growth potential, credibility and consumer trust.

At Pax Law, our commercial and corporate law team under the supervision of Olja Simic, Barrister and Solicitor provide comprehensive and accessible advice to a wide range of clients in the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond. Whether you are part of a joint venture, partnership, charitable organization, corporation, start-up, property development team, or are an individual entrepreneur, our specialized team of commercial and corporate law professionals can help you conduct contractual negotiations and draft the requisite documentation to ensure your continued success.

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Family Law, Separation and Divorce

Are you planning to live with your partner, getting married, getting separated, or done with everything and ready to get a divorce?

An experienced family lawyer can resolve the legal issues with members of the family that impact your personal life. Your family lawyer can act as the calm mediator when family disagreements develop. Hiring a family lawyer can prevent bullying and the outlandish threats often uttered in frustration with the situation.

Family law issues and are often emotional and complicated. Whether it be obtaining a divorce, discerning paternity, or drawing up a prenuptial agreement, navigating family legal matters can be a daunting experience. At Pax Law, the family law team under the supervision of Samin Mortazavi, Barrister and Solicitor mitigates the stress associated with family disputes by simplifying and streamlining the process. With a thoughtful and progressive approach, we will help you identify your goals and work tirelessly with you to achieve them.

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Civil Litigation

Do you have a dispute with an employee or your employer, or someone you have hired to do some work for you?

A civil litigation lawyer is your advocate, representing you in various proceedings throughout the case, including pretrial hearings, arbitration, and mediations. Your lawyer is working to obtain the best outcome for you in what can often be an emotionally charged situation, where one or both parties can be stubborn and inflexible.

If you are in dispute with an individual or an organization and thinking about taking legal action, it is essential to have the support of an experienced civil litigation lawyer and staff like those at Pax Law. Our civil litigation lawyers can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system as it pertains to negotiating a settlement and preparing for court.

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Wills and Estates

Have you started thinking of your estates and successors?

Planning for a future that no longer includes you is something many people put off, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything’s been taken care of for your loved ones can be a freeing experience, allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest. Your lawyer can help you prepare an estate plan that protects your beneficiaries, names the guardian of your children, reduces taxes for your heirs and can help prevent family squabbles.

Wills or estate plans often include three essential documents or the Last Testaments. A will or a Last Testament provides you with an opportunity to decide who looks after your affairs if you become incapacitated in one way or the other, or after you die. This legal document will also indicate your wishes as to who inherits your estate. Proper drafting of a will is essential to its validity, effectiveness, and functionality. In BC law we have the Wills Variation Act which permits courts to modify wills should it be necessary. Our expertise can ensure you that your Will will perform as you intended to do so. Should you not have a valid will upon death, the local laws will determine how your affairs will be administered and who will inherit your estate.

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How much do you charge for real estate transfers?

Our lawyers charge a legal fee of $1,000 plus disbursements and taxes for common residential real estate transfers with one mortgage. Our fee is independent of the value of your property. Purchases with more than one mortgage might have an additional cost.

How much do you charge for Canadian study permit applications?

Our lawyers charge a legal fee of $3,000 for the main applicant and $1,000 for co-applicants. No additional fee is payable, all government fees are included in the quoted price.

How much do you charge for rejected Canadian visa judicial reviews?

Our lawyers charge a legal fee of $2,450 from the initial filing to the end of the court hearing.

Can your lawyers help with Iranian divorces?

Yes, in fact, at the time of writing this post, Pax Law is the only law firm in Vancouver with a full-time Iranian lawyer who has a foreign practitioner permit from the Law Society of British Columbia and can legally offer Iranian legal services from it’s North Vancouver offices.

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