Are you looking to immigrate to Canada under the Canadian Experience Class?

To qualify under this class, you must have accumulated the equivalent of at least one year of full-time skilled work experience in Canada within the last three years. You will need to show English or French language abilities commensurate with your work experience skill level. Your application under the CEC involves registering through the Express Entry system, and then waiting for an invitation to apply for permanent residence.

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What is the CEC?

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the three federal programs managed through Express Entry for skilled workers. the CEC is for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience and want to become permanent residents of Canada.

The applicant must have at least 1 year of full-time work experience gained legally with proper authorization as a skilled worker in Canada acquired in the last 3 years before submitting the application. Applications applied under CEC without Canadian work experience are not assessed.

Applicants also need to meet the following additional requirements:

  • Work experience in an occupation under the NOC mean managerial job (skill level 0) or professional jobs (skill type A) or technical jobs and skilled trades (skill type B).
  • Receive remuneration for performing a job.
  • Work experience obtained during the full-time study programs and any form of self-employment do not count towards duration under CEC
  • Get at least a level 7 on an approved language proficiency test for English or French
  • The candidate intended to live outside of Quebec in another province or territory.

Who else is eligible for the CEC?

All international students with a postgraduate work permit (PGWP), are eligible to apply for the CEC if gained 1 year of skilled work experience. International students after completing the program from Canadian designated institutions can apply for a PGWP to start work in Canada. Acquiring work experience in a skilled, professional, or technical field will make an applicant eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Why Pax Law Immigration Lawyers?

Immigration is a complex process that requires strong legal strategy, precise paperwork and perfect attention to detail and experience dealing with immigration officials and government departments, reducing the risk of wasted time, money or permanent rejection. Immigration lawyers at Pax Law Corporation dedicate themselves to your immigration case, providing legal representation tailored to your personal situation. Book a personal consultation to speak with an immigration lawyer either in person, over the telephone, or through a video conference.

Canada Express Entry FAQ

Do I need a lawyer for Canada Express Entry? 

A person is not mandated by Canadian laws to make an immigration application through an immigration lawyer. However, making the right application that is fit for the purpose and supplementing the application with the appropriate documents require knowledge and experience of immigration laws and regulations, in addition to years of experience necessary to make proper judgment calls.

Further, with the recent wave of visa and refugee application refusals starting in 2021, the applicants often need to take their visa refusals or their refugee application refusal to the Federal Court of Canada (the “Federal Court”) for Judicial Review or the Immigration Refugee Board (the “IRB”) (IRB) for appeals and an application does that to the Court or the IRB, and that needs a lawyers expertise. 

We have represented thousands of individuals in the Federal Court of Canada and in Immigration Refugee Board hearings.

How much does a Canadian immigration lawyer cost? 

Depending on the matter, a Canadian immigration lawyer might charge an average hourly rate of between $300 to $750 or charge a flat fee. Our immigration lawyers charge $400 an hour. 

For example, we charge a flat fee of $2000 for making a tourist visa application and charge hourly for complex immigration appeals.

How much does it cost to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry? 

Depending on the program you choose, it could cost starting from $4,000.

How much does it cost to hire an immigration consultant in Canada?

Depending on the matter, a Canadian immigration lawyer might charge an average hourly rate of between $300 to $500 or charge a flat fee. 

For example, we charge $3000 for making a tourist visa application and charge hourly for complex immigration appeals.

How can I get PR in Canada without an agent?

There are multiple paths to Canadian Permanent Residency. We offer different services for individuals with a Canadian Experience, such as applicants who have Canadian education or Canadian work history. We offer several programs for investors And, yet other programs for refugees and asylum seekers.

Can an immigration lawyer speed up the process?

Yes, using an immigration lawyer usually speeds up the process because they have experience in the field and have done many similar applications.

Is an immigration lawyer worth it?

Hiring an immigration lawyer is absolutely worth it. In Canada, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) can also charge for providing immigration and refugee services; However, their engagement ends at the application phase, and they cannot continue the required processes through the court system if there are any complications with the application.

How can I get an invitation for Express Entry Canada?

In order to get an invitation for express entry, first, your name must be in the pool. For your name to enter the pool, you must make an application and provide all necessary documentation. In the last IRCC draw of fall 2022, applicants with a CRS score of 500 and higher were invited to apply. Individuals can check their CRS score by answering some questions on the following link: Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool: skilled immigrants (Express Entry) ( 
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