Wills or estate plans often include three essential documents or the Last Testaments

A will or a Last Testament provides you with an opportunity to decide who looks after your affairs if you become incapacitated in one way or the other, or after you die. This legal document will also indicate your wishes as to who inherits your estate. Proper drafting of a will is essential to its validity, effectiveness, and functionality. In BC law we have the Wills Variation Act which permits courts to modify wills should it be necessary. Our expertise can ensure you that your Will will perform as you indented to do so. Should you not have a valid will upon death, the local laws will determine how your affairs will be administered and who will inherit your estate.

Power of Attorney or POA

A will determines what happens to your assets after death, in addition, you need to plan for instances in which, due to mental infirmity or any other reason, you require someone to help you with managing financial matters while you are living. A Power of Attorney is the document that allows you to select someone to manage your financial and legal affairs while you are living.

Representation Agreement

The third document provides you with an opportunity to appoint someone who can help you in making health and personal care decisions for you. You specify when it takes effect and it contains provisions which are often referred to as a living will provisions.

What is probate?

Probate is the process by which the court confirms the validity of the will. This allows the person in charge of managing your estate, known as the executor to proceed with his or her duties. The executor would search assets, debts, and other information as the need arise. Samin Mortazavi can help you prepare the necessary documents and making the application for probate.

We offer same-day wills services. We can prepare your Last Will and Testament or Gift Deed in less than 24 hours. We can also help you with the preparation of Health Care documents, including Health Care Directive, Living Will, and Child Medical Consent. We can also help you prepare Power of Attorney, Procuration, and Revocation of Power of Attorney.

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