BC Incorporation is the process of registering a company as a separate legal entity in British Columbia. Incorporation is a crucial step for any business seeking to establish itself as a separate legal entity from its owners and operators. Incorporating your business offers various advantages, such as limiting the owners’ liability for the obligations of the business and letting the business raise funds more easily.

However, incorporating a business requires certain legal steps. It can be a daunting process that requires attention to detail, knowledge of corporate laws, and legal knowledge. Pax Law Corporation can assist you with our comprehensive incorporation service that makes sure your business is registered in BC in compliance with all legal requirements of the Business Corporations Act.

Our BC incorporation service provides a hassle-free experience for business owners who seek to incorporate their businesses. The service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and covers all the parts of the incorporation process, including the preparation of the legal documents, filing of the documents with the British Columbia Corporate Registry, and the preparation of the Corporation’s post-incorporation documents and records.

Pax Law’s incorporation service includes all the following steps:

Pax Law’s BC Incorporation Services
Consultation with our business lawyer to determine the appropriate corporate structure for your business.
Applying for and receiving a name reservation for your company.
Applying for and receiving any regulatory approvals you need to incorporate a professional corporation (if applicable).
Preparation of all the pre-incorporation documents, including a draft of the company’s articles of incorporation reflecting your desired corporate structure.
Incorporation of the company by filing the required documents with the BC Corporate Registry.
Post Incorporation Steps, such as preparing the company’s record’s book, required shareholder and directors’ resolutions, central securities register, and share certificates.
Acting as the company’s registered record’s office for one year immediately after the incorporation (at no additional cost).

Pax Law’s BC incorporation service is geared towards small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to establish their businesses as legal entities. We offer personalized legal advice and guidance to clients throughout the incorporation process, making sure they are informed about the legal requirements and the steps involved. This includes advice on the corporate structure that would best suit their business, the number of shareholders required, and the various post-incorporation steps you could take.

Furthermore, we will agree to act as your BC company’s registered records office for one year following the date of incorporation free of charge.

We strive to make the incorporation process as smooth and straightforward as possible for our clients. We are committed to providing high-quality incorporation services that are efficient, cost-effective, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each client

You can fill out and sign the retainer agreement below to request a BC incorporation.

Incorporation Retainer Agreement

Terms of Provision of Legal Services

We are acting in respect of the matter of incorporating a BC Company, subject to and upon the terms set forth in this letter.

In order for us to properly execute our duties as your legal counsel, it is necessary for you to provide us with all relevant facts and to be completely honest with us. We can only properly represent you if we are fully informed. While we do not expect any problems, please note that we will be unable to continue representing you in the case of a conflict of interest. We will work with you towards your desired outcome. We, however, cannot guarantee that your desired result will in fact be achieved. For us to work towards your desired outcome, it will be necessary for you to abide by the terms in this agreement.

You must provide us with two pieces of government-issued ID per the Law Society of British Columbia’s client identification and verification procedures.

We expect that most of the work will be performed or supervised by Pax Law Corporation’s Business Lawyer, Amir Ghorbani, however, we reserve the right to assign an assistant, lawyer, articled student, or engage the services of an external lawyer or researcher to perform legal services if in our judgment that becomes necessary or desirable.

The cost for the provision of our incorporation services is:

  1. $1000 + applicable taxes ($1120) in legal costs.
  2. The cost for obtaining a name reservation, if applicable:
    1. $31.5 for obtaining a regular name reservation.
    2. $131.5 for obtaining an urgent name reservation.
  3. Cost Charged by BC Registry for incorporating a company: $351.

Total: $1502.5 or $1602.5, depending on the name reservation.

We will only start work on your file after receipt of the retainer amount for the service you request.

This Agreement creates important legal obligations. We recommend that you should take as much time as you think necessary before signing this retainer agreement to review it carefully, to discuss it with persons whose judgment and experience you trust, and to have it reviewed by legal counsel if independent legal advice is appropriate.

You are always able to change legal counsels and hire another lawyer or law firm to act for you.

If you retain another legal counsel, it is your responsibility to ensure that our bills are If you fail to do so, we may decide not to send your file to the new lawyer until our bills are paid.

You have the right to terminate our services to you upon written notice to Pax Law Corporation. Subject to our obligations to you to maintain proper standards of professional conduct, we reserve the right to terminate our services to you for good reasons, which include, but are not limited to:

  1. If you fail to cooperate with us in any reasonable request;
  2. If there is a serious loss of confidence between you and us;
  3. If our continuing to act would be unethical or impractical;
  4. If our retainer has not been paid; or
  5. If you fail to pay our accounts when rendered.

We reserve the right to withdraw as your legal counsel. You understand that you may need to retain new counsel if we withdraw.

We will try to return your phone messages or respond to your emails or letters as quickly as possible, but we will not always be able to do so on the same day that you sent them. We are often in court representing clients. We devote our time during that period to that client and have only a limited ability to return other clients’ phone messages or reply to their emails or letters.

Please note that our firm uses the cloud for our file retention and management system, and your information may be saved onto the cloud.

If you find the foregoing acceptable, please sign this agreement in the place indicated below.

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