The lawyers at Pax Law Corporation are familiar with the legal issues entrepreneurs and small business owners encounter as they start running their own businesses. We are also familiar with the struggle of finding and retaining reliable and knowledgeable general counsel for a business. Schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers today and receive the assistance you deserve:

Structuring Your Small Business

One of the first questions you will encounter as you open a new business is whether you should incorporate your business and work through a corporation or whether you should use some other form of business organization, such as a sole proprietorship or a partnership. Our lawyers can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating or using another business structure and can help you set up your business quickly and efficiently.

If you are starting your business with a business partner, we can draft shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, or joint venture agreements to protect your rights from the beginning and reduce the chances of business disputes arising.

Receiving Help with Contracts and Agreements

As a small business owner, you will have to enter into many agreements. These agreements can include service agreements, commercial leases, equipment leases, contracts of purchase for goods or property, and employment agreements. Pax Law’s small business lawyers can assist you with the negotiation process for your contracts and once you have reached an agreement, they draft the legal text of the contract for you.

Furthermore, if you are considering entering into a contract and you are not sure about the terms of that contract, or if you have questions about whether the contract is advantageous to you, you can schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers and receive legal advice about your matter.

Employment Law

If your business has grown large enough to require the work of employees other than yourself, it is important for you to protect yourself and your business by complying with all applicable federal and provincial laws regarding employment:

  1. Employer Remittances: You should work with your business accountant and your lawyer to ensure you are remitting all the required amounts for your employees to the CRA, including CPP remittances, Employment Insurance Remittances, and payroll taxes.
  2. WorkSafe BC: You should ensure that you are registered with WorkSafe BC as required.
  3. Compliance with the Employment Standards Act: You should ensure that you comply with all the applicable requirements of the Employment Standards Act, including the requirements regarding minimum wage, notice, working conditions, sick leave, and overtime pay. If you have questions regarding your employment law obligations, Pax Law can assist you with your inquiries.
  4. Contracts of Employment: It is very important to set out the terms of any contract of employment in writing. Our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to assist you with drafting thorough contracts of employment for all your employees.
  5. BC Human Rights Act Compliance: Employees have the right to be safe from discrimination and harassment on prohibited grounds according to the BC Human Rights Act. Our lawyers can assist you comply with Human Rights legislation and represent you in court if any claims have arisen against you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a small business lawyer cost in BC?

Business lawyers in BC charge an hourly fee of $250 – $800 per hour, depending on their experience, office location, and capabilities.

Do small businesses need lawyers?

The assistance of a lawyer can help you increase your profits, reduce the risks to yourself and your business, and conduct business with peace of mind. However, you are not required to retain a lawyer as a small business owner.

What is the simplest legal structure for a small business?

A sole proprietorship is the simplest legal structure for a business. However, conducting business as a sole proprietorship may have tax disadvantages for you and prevent you from doing business with a partner.
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