There are several avenues available to resolve a civil dispute, depending on the monetary value of the claim. Claims between $5,001 – $35,000 will be seen in Small Claims Court, while those exceeding $35,000 are in the jurisdiction of BC Supreme Court. In some cases, the claim may be settled outside of the court, through mediation, or arbitration.

It is important to make a fully informed decision on the most suitable approach, and our esteemed lawyers will guide you through that process. We will help you understand your options, both regarding your chances of success and the costs involved – including the funding arrangements available – and tailor a plan to address your specific needs.

Disputes that typically result in civil litigation are as follows:

  • Iladvisement by a professional
  • Contested estates
  • Builders liens
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Debt collection
  • Breach of contract
  • Suffering an unjustified and/or malicious attack on your reputation

Such actions may entitle you to claim the following remedies:

  • Declaratory relief to affirm rights, duties, or obligations
  • Obtain an injunction to either prevent or require a person to perform an action
  • Compensation to recover losses