Navigating Love and Finances: The Art of Crafting a Prenuptial Agreement

From waiting for the big day to the years that follow, marriage is one of many things to look forward to in life, for some people. But, discussing debt and assets right after putting a ring on it is definitely not a love language you want to learn about. Yet, discussing assets and debt is quite an important step in any marriage-like relationship. But, don’t knock yourself short when your partner asks for a prenuptial Read more…

Exploring Short-Term Study Programs in Canada: No Study Permit Required

Are you interested in pursuing short-term study programs in Canada? Whether it’s a language course, a professional workshop, or any other short-duration educational experience, you’re in for an enriching journey. At Pax Law Corporation, we’re here to not only guide you through the legal aspects but also offer consultation assistance to make your educational goals a reality. Best of all, many short-term study programs in Canada don’t require the traditional study permit. In this blog Read more…

Making an immigration appeal: Appeal your removal order

This blog post provides guidelines on how to appeal a removal order in Canada through the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). Who Can Appeal: Who Cannot Appeal: Those who are otherwise eligible but have been found inadmissible for reasons such as: Public Nature of Appeals: The guide aims to help individuals understand the appeal process, the eligibility criteria, and the public nature of the proceedings. The following outlines the procedure for initiating an appeal against a Read more…


加拿大技术类申请快速移民通道(Express Entry,简称EE)的难度近期确实有所上升。最近EE的邀请分数一直维持在较高水平,大约在500分左右。这对很多申请人来说确实是一个挑战,特别是那些只有加拿大本科学历的申请人,如果希望通过EE实现移民加拿大的愿望,通常来说需要取得优秀的雅思成绩或者至少积累两年的加拿大工作经验。


关于加拿大的旅游签证,房间有很多不同的说法:访客签证、商务签证、旅游签证、陪读签证、探亲签证等等;稍微正式一点的叫法有加拿大入境签证、临时居民签证、TRV (Temporary Trsident Visa)等等。不管怎样,官方正式的称呼从来都只有一种—Visitor Visa. 按照入境加拿大的目的来说,旅游的临时访客居多,所以就有了“加拿大旅游签证”的说法。



“自雇”是您需要在递交申请的时候向移民局证明自己可以“自给自足”,凭借自己的专业和才能养活自己,不占用加拿大的就业资源;关键点1: 自己养活了自己;2: 可以自由安排自己的时间。


A Comprehensive Guide to Canadian Temporary Resident Permits

Every year, countless individuals dream of traveling to Canada, be it for vacation, to visit family, or to find new opportunities. However, sometimes, due to past criminal records or other reasons, gaining entry becomes a challenge. Fortunately, Canada’s immigration system offers a solution: the Canadian Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). This article will break down everything you need to know about the TRP, from its eligibility requirements to the application process, ensuring you’re well-equipped to navigate Read more…

How to Make a Will In British Columbia

Planning for the future may seem a daunting task, and many of us do not want to plan for a future where we may not be in it. But, it may be essential to ensure that our loved ones and families are protected and our assets are dispersed according to our wishes. A will is one significant legal tool that helps us accomplish this. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of having Read more…

Які є три типи наказів про видворення?

Канадське імміграційне законодавство передбачає три типи наказів про видворення: Будь ласка, зверніть увагу, що імміграційне законодавство Канади може змінюватися, тому було б доцільно проконсультуватися з юристом. Також переглянути найновішу інформацію, щоб отримати останні відомості про три типи наказів про видалення.

School Changes and Study Permits in Canada: What You Need to Know

Studying abroad is an exciting journey that opens up new horizons and opportunities. For international students in Canada, it’s essential to be aware of the guidelines and procedures when it comes to changing schools and ensuring the smooth continuation of your studies. In this article, we’ll walk you through the crucial information you need to know about changing schools while holding a study permit in Canada. The Importance of Updating Information If you find yourself Read more…

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