Child Support

Child support is a fundamental legal right of every child and is a legal responsibility of each parent. The financial support for children maintenance that must be paid under a support order or an agreement reached by the parents to ensure a secure, stable financial future for children following separation or divorce.

Child Support in BC

Child support is determined through negotiated agreement between you and your spouse, or by court order. Monthly child support pays for daily costs of food, shelter and other basics. Other things such as swimming classes, tutoring or daycare are special expenses. The amount of monthly child support is calculated based on your gross income. You need to pay child support if your child resides with the other parent more than 60 percent of the time. Or if you share the child’s care but your income is higher than the other parent. 

Change Child Support

A child support agreement or order can change should there be an increase or decrease in a parent’s income. Adjustments can also be made if parenting arrangements change, special expenses arise, or there are other significant changes. The Federal Child Support Guidelines stipulate you and the other parent can agree to change the amount of support in your current agreement by either updating the agreement in writing or creating a new agreement. The next step requires a court application to vary the original order.

Enforcing Child Support

Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (“FMEP”) is a free service offered by the BC Ministry of Attorney General which helps families and children entitled to support obtain the payments they are not receiving under Child support. In some cases, a parent may pay late or stop paying child support altogether. If you have a written agreement or a court order regarding child support, you are eligible to enrol with the FMEP. 

How Pax Law Family Law Team can help

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