Addressing Urgent Shelter Needs Amidst

Global Displacement Crisis. As the world grapples with unprecedented levels of global displacement, Canada is witnessing a significant increase in asylum claims. This surge is exerting immense pressure on the nation’s shelter systems, a situation growing more critical as the cold winter months approach. The call for a collaborative effort among all government levels to find effective solutions is now more urgent than ever.

Government’s Commitment:

$7 Million for Peel’s New Reception CentreIn a significant move, the Honourable Kamal Khera, speaking for the Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, has announced the Canadian Government’s decision to allocate $7 million to the Region of Peel. This funding is earmarked for establishing a new reception centre, aiming to streamline services and support for asylum seekers, while also providing additional shelter. This dual-purpose centre, which will function both as a reception and temporary shelter facility, is to be operated in collaboration with skilled, experienced community organizations.

A Collaborative Approach to Asylum Claimant

NeedsThe solution to the challenges faced by asylum claimants lies in a united approach involving all government tiers. Canada’s government remains steadfast in its commitment to working collaboratively towards practical solutions.

Ministerial Perspectives: A Unified Effort for Sustainable Solutions

Honourable Marc Miller: Emphasizes the imperative of working in conjunction with provinces and municipalities like Peel Region to address the escalating asylum claims. He underlines the government’s dedication to ensuring that everyone has access to safe shelter.

Honourable Kamal Khera: Highlights the importance of immediate action, especially with the onset of winter and ongoing global migration issues, to ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals.

Nando Iannicca, Regional Chair, Peel Region: Expresses gratitude for the government’s support in opening the reception centre, acknowledging its critical role in assisting asylum seekers and relieving local shelter burdens.

Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton: Thanks the government and local MPs for their partnership and financial aid, recognizing the initiative as life-saving.

Chris Fonseca, Acting Mayor, City of Mississauga: Appreciates the federal government’s timely response and partnership in providing a long-term solution for asylum seekers.

Quick Facts:

Federal Assistance in Housing Asylum Claimants. Since 2017, nearly $700 million has been provided by the federal government to provinces and municipalities under the Interim Housing Assistance Program (IHAP) to manage increased asylum claimant volumes. This year, an additional $212 million has been allocated to extend the IHAP. Furthermore, the government has secured temporary accommodations nationwide, currently housing over 7,000 asylum seekers in approximately 3,800 rooms.

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