I am the conveyancer at Pax Law Corporation working with Samin Mortazavi and Lucas Pearce. I will be the person handling your real estate transaction.

First, congratulations on the recent sale of your property. We are excited to assist you finalize the legal paperwork.

Second, please READ and follow ALL the instructions below.


Please fill out our online client intake form HERE (regardless of whether you are current client of Pax Law Corporation, or not). Each person selling the property must fill out a form.


If not already done, please provide your real estate agent the following information:

Pax Law Corporation

Conveyancer – Melissa Mayer

Email – [email protected]

Phone – 604-245-2233

NOTE: Please send [email protected] your mortgage number associated with your current mortgage (if applicable).


  1. You must bring two pieces of ID, one Primary (i.e., photo) and one Secondary (i.e., no photo requirement) to your meeting (NOTE – please do not use a credit card as your secondary piece). The ID’s must be the same two pieces that you uploaded on your client intake form, which can again be found HERE.
  • We will be requesting what is called a “Discharge Statement” from your current lending institution. This statement shows the amount of funds required to pay off your current mortgage (if applicable).
  • Please let your current lending institution that they can expect to receive a request for the above noted “Discharge Statement” from Pax Law Corporation (if applicable).
  • Your lending institution will likely charge you some form of monetary penalty for ending your contract with them. We will show you this information during our meeting (if applicable).
  • We payout your current mortgage (if applicable).
  • We only begin working on your file once we have received all the relevant information from your lending institution and real estate brokerage.
  • Once we receive all the relevant information, we will begin working on your file 3 – 4 days before your closing date.
  • We will provide you with any remaining sale proceeds in the form of a Pax Law Corporation Trust Cheque.
  • Any sale proceeds will be available for pick up at least one day after your closing date.

If you have any general inquires, please contact me and I will be happy to assist when I am available, based on priority sequence.

We look forward to meeting you and finalizing your sale.

Best regards,

Melissa Mayer

Senior Conveyancer

Pax Law Corporation | North Vancouver Lawyers

233 – 1433 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2H9

Conveyancer: 604-245-2233 | Fax: 604-971-5152

[email protected]