What is Spousal Support

Spousal support or maintenance (formerly spousal alimony) is paid by one spouse to financially support the other spouse after separation, under an agreement or order. Spousal support can help make sure a spouse doesn’t struggle financially while becoming independent. 

Who is entitled to Spousal Support

Your eligibility to pay or receive spousal support and the recommended amount payable are dependent upon your unique marriage and financial circumstances (including prenuptial and postnuptial contracts), federal and provincial guidelines, as well as specific rules, criteria, formulas and time limitations.

Spousal Support duration

The duration of spousal support is determined after considering the circumstances of each spouse, including:

  • Financial situation of you and your former spouse;
  • How long your relationship lasted;
  • The type of the marriage;
  • Whether there are children;
  • The roles and functions of each spouse during the relationship;
  • What the person who is asking for spousal support needs in order to become self-sufficient, such as extra training or education.

Changing Spousal Support Orders or Agreements

A change in circumstances may allow you to increase, reduce or end your spousal support obligations. The court sets a high threshold for what qualifies for a change to alimony or spousal support. You must prove that the change of circumstance is material, significant, unforeseen and continuous — for example, remarriage, a disability or involuntary unemployment.

Enforcing Spousal Support Orders or Agreements

Has your former spouse fallen behind on alimony or spousal support payments? Pax Law experienced family Lawyers helps enforce the existing order and recover delinquent payments. We might seek a court order, help with the garnishment of your ex’s income, confiscation of driver’s license or passport and, in extreme cases, incarceration. We also ask for reimbursement of any attorneys’ fees you paid to enforce your rights.

How Pax Law Family Law Team can help

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