Shayan became a part of the Pax Law Corporation team in the summer of 2023, contributing his expertise as a Legal Assistant within our esteemed Refugee Department. In this role, Shayan maintains open lines of communication with clients, guiding them through the intricate steps of their refugee applications. His responsibilities extend to managing client portals and meticulously preparing the necessary application documents.

Shayan brings a unique educational background in computer science to his role, infusing a tech-savvy perspective into his legal support.

During his leisure hours, Shayan is an ardent fitness enthusiast, frequently dedicating his time to vigorous workouts at the gym. He also enjoys embarking on exploratory journeys and engaging in novel experiences with friends, adding an adventurous zest to his life outside of work.


  • Computer Science Diploma, 2021


  • English
  • Farsi (Persian)


Office: +1-604-767-9529