Adoptions are a wonderful way of giving children a chance at often a better life. They occur for a variety of reasons and in different forms, most common of which are:

Step-parent Adoptions

A step-parent adoption usually occurs when the natural parent of a child re-partners or marries, and the new spouse wants to adopt the child. The other natural parent is willing to give up custody, guardianship and parenting time with the child so that the step-parent can take over his/her role. In these situations, the natural parent signs an agreement giving up any rights to the child, and custody is then transferred to the other parent and the step-parent.

An adoption lawyer will draw up necessary court documents as per the Adoptions Actand will submit them to the Court to formalize the adoption.

Family Adoptions

Family adoptions generally occur when the natural parents of a child are either deceased, or suffer from issues that make them incapable of caring for the child. In these situations, family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc, apply to adopt the child or children.

This type of adoption requires the consent of the birth parent(s), sometimes the Ministry of Family and Children Services, or a court Order to take effect. The court’s main concern will be the best interests of the child when looking at the adoption application.

An adoption lawyer will apply to the Court on behalf of the family to formalize adoption in order to formalize adoption.

Agency Adoptions

These adoptions occur when parents decide to take over care and control of a child they do not know, for a variety of reasons. These adoptions involve children who live either inside or outside of Canada, but are not related to the adoptive parents.

These types of adoptions are handled through official adoption agencies.

Pax Law Adoption Lawyers Process

Obtaining adoption of a child is an exciting but complicated process that requires the adoptive parents to follow various requirements of the Adoption Act for a court Order. Pax Law adoption lawyers are experienced in assisting the clients throughout the process with making sure the adoption is as seamless and efficient as possible.

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